Friday, March 4, 2011

Peligros de la Ciudad en Puerto Rico!

100 years ago, Americans like me would have actually
approached this lovely old fort from the other side. 
I went to Puerto Rico for four days a few weeks ago and I'm thinking maybe I should go back for the rest of my life. Something tells me, however, that everyday life in Puerto Rico does not involve sitting on the beach all day, getting silly drunk on guava smoothies.

Top 3 Peligros:

1. Despite the fact that every sign along the main beach road through San Juan exhorts drivers to compartir the road with bicycles, San Juanistas are not super-big fans of said sharing, especially not with very obvious tourist bikers bumbling down the busiest road in the city on very obviously rented mountain bikes. Cultural learnings: Puerto Ricans use the same finger(s) that we do stateside to express dissatisfaction. Still, the adventure ended thusly: a sunny beach, Rihanna, meat and fried starch on sticks, coconut ice cream, and shockingly cheap beer.